Spend Prajogo Pangestu Money

Who is Prajogo Pangestu?

Prajogo Pangestu is an Indonesian business magnate and investor. He is the founder of the Barito Pacific Group, a conglomerate with interests in forestry, plantation, oil and gas, coal and gold mining, and even geothermal energy. With a net worth estimated at $39 billion, he's one of the richest men in Indonesia and the world.

What is Spend Prajogo Pangestu Money?

Spend Prajogo Pangestu Money is a mobile game inspired by the immense wealth of this Indonesian tycoon. It's a fun, simple idle game where your goal is to spend all of Prajogo Pangestu's money within 60 seconds!

How to Play:

  • Time is Money: You have 60 seconds to spend as much as you can. Every second counts!
  • Shop Till You Drop: Browse through a diverse list of items, ranging from everyday necessities to extravagant luxuries like yachts, private jets, and even islands.
  • Click to Buy: Simply click on the Buy button to add an item to your shopping cart and deplete Prajogo's fortune.
  • Buyer's Remorse? No Problem: Did you make a mistake? Click Sell to get rid of unwanted items and recoup some cash.
  • Fastest Spender Wins: Compete with your friends to see who can spend the most money before the timer runs out.

Features that Fuel the Fun:

  • Free Forever: Enjoy the game without any hidden fees, subscriptions, or in-app purchases.
  • Endless Possibilities: Discover a vast array of items to buy, ensuring endless spending possibilities.
  • Clicking Frenzy: Easy and addictive gameplay keeps you coming back for more.
  • Bragging Rights: Boast your spending prowess to your friends and see who can top the leaderboard.

Ready to Indulge in a World of Extravagance?

Spend Prajogo Pangestu Money is the perfect game for anyone who loves shopping, luxury, and a good challenge. So, download the app, unleash your inner tycoon, and experience the thrill of spending billions in just 60 seconds!

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